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SAICSA defines the content and sets the examinations for a degree-standard professional development examination programme which is unique in its objective of preparing people for careers in corporate-level public or private sector administration.

Heartiest Congratulations to the following passed finalists of the The ICSA-IQS November 2019 Examination.

  1. Ms Adeline Lee Wai Yee
  2. Ms Cathrine Tea Hwee Sien
  3. Ms Chand Bee Binte Mohamed Ali
  4. Mr Cheng Kok Yong, Vincent
  5. Ms Chong Shiow Bin
  6. Ms Cynthia Koh Peck Yun
  7. Mrs De La Cura Carol Parenas
  8. Mr Er Meng Khim
  9. Ms Fong Po Yuen
  10. Ms Foong Yen Woen
  11. Mr Gan Kok Hua
  12. Ms Gan Koon Lay
  13. Ms Hamimah Binte Sanusi
  14. Ms Hoo Xiao Ping
  15. Ms How Siaw Ting
  16. Ms Janziel Joy Sulangi Licayan
  17. Ms Juliana Sanusi
  18. Mr Kevin Tan Wei Lung
  19. Mr Koh Chiang Teck
  20. Ms Lai Huey Koon
  21. Ms Lee Shu Ting
  22. Mrs Lee Siow Mee
  23. Ms Lew Pui Mang
  24. Mr Liew Khee Soon
  25. Ms Liew Ser Yiun
  26. Mr Lim Chai Yong
  27. Ms Lin Qin
  28. Ms Mizalina Binte Ja'afar
  29. Mrs Mohgana Ratha D/O Ramachandran
  30. Ms Ng Mei Shan
  31. Mr Ng Teck Seng
  32. Mr Ong Shen Liang Jason
  33. Mr T. Saravanabhava
  34. Ms Tan Hwee Ting
  35. Ms Tan Shi Hwee Jessica
  36. Ms Tay Qiu Fang
  37. Ms Tham Seok Boon
  38. Ms Tham Tze Shing
  39. Ms Ting Ming Siew
  40. Ms Xu Liuyi
  41. Ms Yang Peiling, Stella
  42. Ms Yap Bee Leng
  43. Ms Yong Shu Ting
  44. Ms Zhan Shunya
  45. Ms Zhang Weiyun, Phyllis

ICSA (IQS) November 2019 Examination Result:

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