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Membership of ICSA

There are three stages to becoming a member of ICSA:
  • Successful completion of the ICSA examination

    Once you have done this you will be automatically transferred to the temporary grade of Graduate. After paying the graduate fee you will be entitled to use the designatory letters Grad.ICSA. At that point you can either accumulate the relevant work experience required for election to membership, or apply immediately for election to membership if you already have the work experience required.

  • Gain relevant work experience

    The definition of work experience is very broad. It includes general management and administration, accounting and financial management, company secretarial and legal work, insurance, information systems management and committee administration. And it can be gained in different types and sizes of organisations across all sectors. Relevant work experience gained while you are a student will count toward membership. We suggest that you keep an ongoing record of your work experience and get official confirmation of your employment dates, job title and duties if you change jobs. This will ensure that no relevant experience is overlooked when you come to make an application for election to Associate (ACIS).

  • Be recognised as a "fit and proper person"

    You will need two sponsors of professional status who have known you at least one year to recommend you.
Membership Grade

Associate (ACIS)

You will need to be 21 years of age or over, and have at least 6 years of relevant work experience. The 6-year requirement can be reduced by up to 3 years for holders of degrees and other relevant qualifications.

Fellow (FCIS)

To advance to this senior grade of membership, a member will need to demonstrate career progression to a senior level in a substantial organisation. In addition, the minimum age is 25, and the minimum experience requirement is 8 years.

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