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The Profession

Chartered Secretaries and Administrators

The terms 'secretary' and 'administrator' have many different possible meanings which vary widely between industry, commerce, public bodies and government, and can apply to a wide range of roles.

It is only our members who are entitle to call themselves 'Chartered Secretaries and Administrators' though. Thus the title denotes a person with the professional knowledge, experience and personal qualities necessary for corporate-level management, effectively as the linchpin and controller of functions without which no organisation could operate.

Their ability to manage corporate resources at maximum effectiveness with least cost can make a major contribution to organisational efficiency. Yet, it requires many personal qualities of which tolerance, mastery of a complex body of knowledge and the readiness to solve problems through consensus rather than by dictate are, perhaps, the most important.

In every way, it is the application of sound judgment backed by a multi-disciplinary understanding of almost every organisational process from information systems and data security to company law, accountancy, finance, human resource, corporate governance, taxation, personnel work and the behavioral sciences. It almost goes without saying that good administrators also develop a detailed understanding of their organisation's products and services.

Chartered Secretaries and Administrators are also entitled to hold the office of company secretary - effectively an organisation's chief administrative officer and corporate governance advisor on corporate matters to the board directors and senior management.

The role is very much at the interface of corporate affairs on the on hand and the wider cultural, business and legal environment on the other. As the interplay between them becomes ever more sophisticated, so an increasing range of opportunities for errors of judgment or mis-management can be created.

Professional administration which can ensure that organisations achieve their maximum effectiveness in a way which avoids any conflict of or clash of interests has therefore become indispensable.

The key value of our training is that it is unmatched in providing the up-to-date knowledge, expertise and frame of reference within which these requirements can be met.

In fact, few careers call upon individuals to balance such diverse responsibilities, as the list below shows. Yet it is in the ability of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators to do this while making major contributions to the efficiency, unity and well-being of organisations that the unquestioned calibre of the Institute and its members lies.

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