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ICSA was founded in London during 1891 in order to establish and enhance the status of company secretaries, and define the standards of professional conduct to which members should aspire. The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators(ICSA) is an independent, self-regulating body operating under a Royal Charter granted in 1902.

Today the Institute has over 44,000 members and 38,000 registered students worldwide. It has its headquarters in London, and divisions in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

While the interests of members and promotion of the highest professional and ethical standards remain our key objectives, ICSA also provide a comprehensive range of services and set the qualifying standard for people beginning careers as chartered secretaries and professional administrators.

In fact, ICSA is unique in being the only body dedicated to the advancement and recognition of professional administration based on a combination of degree-level studies, carefully vetted experience and sponsorship by two people of professional status.

No wonder ICSA attracts those who have either reached, or are destined for, the highest corporate levels. A point underlined by our membership, the majority of whom are at least 35, with 32% at director or chief executive level and a further 50% either reporting to that level or being senior departmental managers.

In no small measure it is the Institute and its membership which has set and codified the standard for professional administration, then seen them incorporated in the company laws and accepted business practices of many countries.

Though business, commerce and public administration are changing more rapidly than ever, we remain the custodian of both these standards and an unmatched body of professional knowledge.

We have been able to do this and in many cases, play a part in shaping those changes because we have never allowed our knowledge or expertise to become dated. In the complex and demanding world of professional administration, they remain the yardstick against which excellence is measured

ICSA Mission

"The object for which the Institute is established and incorporated is the promotion and advancement of the efficient administration of commerce, industry and public affairs by the continued development of the study and practice of secretaryship and administration of companies and other bodies."

(Article 4, ICSA Royal Charter)

The ICSA Qualification

Most qualifications equip you for a specific area of work, particularly in the early part of your career. The Chartered Secretary's qualification, however, is unique for the breadth of administrative work that it equips you to undertake. It offers flexibility which enables you to adjust - both to changes in yourself as you develop and to changes in your organisation as the economy and technology changes.

The Chartered Secretary is the professional administrator.

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