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SAICSA defines the content and sets the examinations for a degree-standard professional development examination programme which is unique in its objective of preparing people for careers in corporate-level public or private sector administration.

Heartiest Congratulations to The Following Passed Finalists of The ICSA-IQS November 2017 Examination

  1. Ms Aisha Afzal Soofi
  2. Mr Brandon Koh Shaoming
  3. Ms Chan Guek Eng
  4. Ms Ho Sok Teng
  5. Mr How Wei Qi
  6. Ms Jain Ragini
  7. Ms Jolyn Guo Zhao Ling
  8. Mr Kaliamurthy Karthik
  9. Mr Kambala Srinivasa Rao
  10. Ms Kee Poh Ling
  11. Mr Khor Wei Hong
  12. Mr Kingsley Ng Boon Kiang
  13. Ms Kow Pei Ling
  14. Mr Lee Bing Liang Jason
  15. Ms Lee Pei Sze
  16. Ms Lee Yim Heng
  17. Ms Lien I Ping
  18. Ms Lim Kee See
  19. Mr Loh Soon Hin
  20. Ms Lok Pei Mei
  21. Ms Mah Lai Siong
  22. Mr Neelabalan Prahlad
  23. Ms Ng Bee Kian
  24. Mr Ng Hsian Pin
  25. Ms Ng Huey Shyan
  26. Ms P Vanishree
  27. Ms Patel Nalini Rajesh
  28. Ms Perera Dilhara Marian
  29. Ms Qiu Yang
  30. Ms Raewen Kiew
  31. Ms Resol Joannah Paras
  32. Ms Sarah Sia YeQing
  33. Ms Savarimuthu Mary Velankanni
  34. Ms Sharon Koh
  35. Ms Tan Tsui Ling
  36. Ms Tham Pui Ean, Elisa
  37. Ms Ti Mei Mei
  38. Ms Tsang Wei Sung
  39. Mr Wang Long Ben
  40. Mr Wee Li Mian
  41. Ms Wong Jing Ting, Renee
  42. Ms Yong Kian Lee
  43. Ms Yong Wan Mei

ICSA (IQS) November 2017 Examination Result:

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