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SAICSA defines the content and sets the examinations for a degree-standard professional development examination programme which is unique in its objective of preparing people for careers in corporate-level public or private sector administration.

Heartiest Congratulations to The Following Passed Finalists of The ICSA-IQS May 2018 Examination

  1. Mr Benny Lee Hock Kooi
  2. Ms Chemodanova Valentina
  3. Ms Chua Joong Luan
  4. Ms De Guzman Glenda Dayanghirang
  5. Ms Delphine Neo Hui Min
  6. Ms Ee Khoon Lian
  7. Ms Faith Ang Bee Guat
  8. Ms Gayle Meredith Basapa
  9. Ms Hanna Wilim
  10. Ms Jia Rui
  11. Ms Kang Sin Chia
  12. Ms Lee Po Lin
  13. Ms Lee Siang Pohr
  14. Ms Lee Yi Ying
  15. Ms Liew Lai Wan
  16. Ms Lim Shihui, Canice
  17. Ms Lim Yuxian, Rosalind
  18. Ms Lynn Thio Li-Ping
  19. Mr Neeraj Kumar
  20. Ms Neo Hui Peng
  21. Ms Ng Sze Ling
  22. Ms Pandit Rupali Snehal
  23. Ms Pham Thi Xuan Yen
  24. Ms Sarah Ummairah Binte Johari
  25. Ms Surya Sikha Patel
  26. Ms Tania Teo Kuei Lin
  27. Ms Teng Boon Kia, Isabella
  28. Ms Tuan Shi Hui,Felixia
  29. Mr Wong Keng Yip

ICSA (IQS) May 2018 Examination Result:

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